Nitrogen Generators For Selective Soldering, Reflow Soldering, Wave Soldering






Pure nitrogen generation is one of the most critical aspects for the success in the soldering process. Nitrogen is an essential part of the soldering process. Soldering without a nitrogen atmosphere leaves solder joints open to the possibility of oxidizing. Individual components will not maintain the long term reliability expected in the harsh environments that today’s circuit boards function This including everything from refrigerators to microwaves, mobile devices to satellites, military hardware to gaming consoles just to name a few.

Circuit board reliability during the reflow process is also tremendously enhanced in a controlled nitrogen environment. Reflow soldering in an “open air atmosphere” may result in the soldering of components that will not have long term reliability and often results in defects. These quality defects can be avoided by using a nitrogen generator to create a controlled nitrogen environment that results in an oven atmosphere with purity levels that meet or exceed industry standards.

At Gas Generation Solutions, we know if you are engaging in selective soldering, reflow soldering, or wave soldering, purity matters—that’s why our nitrogen generators for soldering offer purities of up to 99.9995%.

What purity of nitrogen do you need for Soldering?

When it comes to Soldering, be it selective, reflow, or wave, the nitrogen requirements observed range from 99.9-99.999%. We can design any size system to meet your flow and purity requirements.

What are the savings with a nitrogen generator?  

The cost to generate your nitrogen on-site is typically 1/10th the cost of delivered nitrogen. Our nitrogen generators have an average payback of one year. One thing is certain when it comes to soldering: those who opt-in to on-site nitrogen generation for electronics soldering will save tens of thousands of dollars each year—this level of savings allows you to grow your business faster, make more money.

How much Nitrogen does my facility use?

If you have ever wondered how much nitrogen your facility uses, click the link below or call us today. We offer free nitrogen gas flow meters to measure your demand. Nitrogen Gas Flow Meters Free Rental

How to get started generating nitrogen. 

If you have not yet started using nitrogen gas for soldering, get in touch with Gas Generation Solutions so we introduce you to the world of nitrogen gas generation. We work with all the major soldering machine manufactures. This means we can help determine your flow rate. If you are already using nitrogen gas, we can cut your costs an average of over 90% compared to delivered nitrogen. Call or email us today to discuss how we can help.


Nitrogen Generator for Electronics

Nitrogen Generator feeding large reflow oven.

Nitrogen Generator for electronics manufacturing. 

Nitrogen Generator Feeding Reflow Ovens





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