Nitrogen Gas Generator for Aluminum Degassing


Nitrogen Generators are used in aluminum degassing as a process gas to remove the hydrogen from the molten aluminum. Hydrogen gas is removed by sparging or bubbling the nitrogen gas through the liquid aluminum. The Nitrogen draws the hydrogen gas to it and carries it to the surface where it is released. This is the most popular and preferred method for degassing aluminum.

Aluminum contains a large amount of hydrogen. This hydrogen needs to be removed before casting to avoid defects. Defects to the casting can cause serious mechanical and physical problems to the final product. Since nitrogen is considered an inert gas it is very efficient in reducing oxidation.

The average payback of a nitrogen generator for aluminum degassing is 12 to 14 months. Systems are available in any purity, flow, and pressure configuration required. This makes nitrogen generation one of the most economical ways of aluminum degassing. Lower your cost of operation by generating your nitrogen gas on-site.

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Nitrogen Gas Generator for Aluminum Degassing

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