Nitrogen Generators for Laser Cutting Industry 






Our company has been providing nitrogen gas generators for laser cutting for over 20 years. We build systems from purities of 99% up to 99.999%. Our systems can feed as little as one laser to over a dozen. With pressures from 300 PSI to over 500 PSI, we can design a system to meet any laser’s demand. Our company also specializes in custom ultra high-pressure nitrogen generators for laser cutting. These systems will generate nitrogen overnight into a bank of cylinders for use later the next day. This allows for a much smaller system that is ideal for most job shops. 
Nitrogen brings you the purest assist gas when cutting metals, including aluminum and aluminum alloys and stainless steel among others. We make nitrogen generators for Trumpf, Bystronics, Amada Fiber Lasers, IPG, and many more. 
At Gas Generation Solutions, we understand the dangers of working with adulterated gases. Our purity levels are unparalleled in the industry—that’s exactly what makes us the nitrogen generation company your existing gas company does not want you to know about!
Nitrogen Generator for Laser Cutting

What purity of nitrogen do you need for Laser Cutting?

When it comes to Laser Cutting, be it for stainless, aluminum, or steel, the nitrogen requirements observed range from 99.9-99.999%. We can design any size system to meet your flow and purity requirements. Not only do we have extensive knowledge of each laser manufactures specifications we also do our own measurements on your current system to verify your requirements. This is all done at no charge to the client. 

What are the savings with a nitrogen generator?  

The cost to generate your nitrogen on-site is typically 1/10th the cost of delivered nitrogen. Our nitrogen generators have an average payback of one year. One thing is certain when it comes to laser cutting: those who opt-in to on-site nitrogen generation for laser cutting will save tens of thousands of dollars each year—this level of savings allows you to grow your business faster, make more money.

How to get started generating nitrogen. 

If you have not yet started using nitrogen gas for laser cutting, get in touch with Gas Generation Solutions so we introduce you to the world of nitrogen gas generation. We work with all the major laser cutting manufactures. This means we can help determine your flow rate. If you are already using nitrogen gas, we can cut your costs an average of over 80% compared to delivered nitrogen. Call or email us today to discuss how we can help.

How much nitrogen does my fiber laser use? 

We get this question so often we decided to build a flow meter that could handle the high-pressure demands of the laser industry. Our new FlowMe digital flow meter and data logger can be installed inline between your current nitrogen supply and your laser. We can measure the flow rate and pressure in real time. See an example of the custom dashboard below. 

Nitrogen Gas flow meter data logger for Laser

This is a short clip of a Trumpf TruLaser 2030 laser cutter running on high pressure nitrogen generated on-site. This customer installed one of our on site nitrogen gas generators to reduce the cost of operation. The system paid for itself in less than 14 months. Please call us today for more information. 

Trumpf TruLaser Nitrogen Generator

Nitrogen Gas Generator for Laser Cutting

Nitrogen Gas Generator for Laser Cutting. Turnkey outdoor installation Mexico. 

Nitrogen Generator For Laser Cutting

Turnkey installation laser cutting nitrogen gas generator. Complete cage style to protect the system from vandals.  

Nitrogen Generator for Laser Cutting sample cuts

Laser cutting scrap/samples nitrogen gas generator 99.99%

High pressure nitrogen generator gas booster compressor for laser cutting

High-Pressure Nitrogen Booster Setup and Quick Start. 





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