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Like many companies, you may be wondering how much nitrogen does my packing machine use? This is not normally an easy question to answer. It can depend on the machine, the speed at which it is running (bags per minute), the size of the bags, the product being flushed, and more. Some of the packaging machines have flow meters, many do not. 

In the past, we would send out a flow meter for the client to use. This would work great but required some monitoring by the user.  Considering time is money we invested in a more user-friendly solution. Our company designed and built the new FlowMe flow meters and data loggers. These units are plug and play. They use a state of the art cellular modem for real-time data logging and viewing of your flow rate. The units are designed to work all over the world. As long as you have cell service we can communicate with the unit. There is also an onboard micro SD card for local data backup. 

We can offer units for any size line. From point of use quick connect meters, to 8″ diameter main feed lines. The best part is that they are all free to use. Our company offers these to potential clients at no charge. You can borrow the meter for 30 days or even longer if required and there is never a fee. We will even pay the shipping to and from. 

Each client will receive a dedicated online portal where you can view and download your data. We can also email you a complete spreadsheet of your usage over the time that you collected data. 

How much nitrogen does my packaging machine use? Well, let’s find out. Call or email us to borrow one of our units. We look forward to working with you. 





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