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Nitrogen Gas Generators from Gas Generation Solutions have been leading the industry for over 22 years. We supply both PSA and Membrane systems. These packages can include feed air compressors, high-pressure boosters, and tanks. We provide everything you need to switch from bulk nitrogen to on-site gas generation. With an average payback of 12 to 14 months, our nitrogen gas generators have the quickest ROI and offer one of the best ways to lower your cost of operation. This is because our systems can produce the nitrogen on-site for a fraction of the cost of having it delivered in bulk or high-pressure tanks. Say goodbye to long-term contracts, high delivery fees, and fluctuating nitrogen prices. Proudly made in the USA and built to run for 15 to 20+ years. 

You can find more information on your application below. We have been servicing these industries and many more for over 22 years. Click this link if you want to learn how a nitrogen generator works. How does a nitrogen generator work

Nitrogen Generator applications and industries in alphabetical order. Please click on any of the industry links to learn more about that application.


Nitrogen Generators for the aerospace industry are typically used for heat treating alloys along with some specialty manufacturing processes: inert environment testing, propellent gas, tool driving, and much more.


Nitrogen generators for aluminum degassing are used In order to get the hydrogen out of the molten aluminum; nitrogen is utilized in the process of degassing aluminum. Hydrogen gas is eliminated by bubbling or sparging the gas through the liquid aluminum. The hydrogen gas is drawn to the nitrogen and carried there, where it is released. The most well-liked and preferred method for degassing aluminum is this one.


Nitrogen Generators for Aluminum Extrusions are utilized to lessen or stop oxide from building up on the die surfaces used for the process. You can lengthen the life of the dies by preventing oxide buildup on them. In turn, this stops flaws from appearing on the new extruded forms. The extruded pieces from the damaged dies would have flaws if oxides formed on the die.


Nitrogen Generators for Autoclaves are utilized to create an inert environment. Given the heat and pressure of an autoclave, this is crucial. In addition to better atmospheric control, nitrogen also helps regulate heat. By pressurizing the autoclaves with dry nitrogen, air, moisture, and other potential impurities present in compressed air are eliminated. Due to its inertness, nitrogen’s use also lessens the risk of combustion.


Nitrogen Generators for Cannabis Packaging are used to stop the oxidation process and preserve marijuana’s high concentrations of THC and CBD; nitrogen generators are used to flush-package the product. This is why many well-known manufacturing facilities, research facilities, and dispensaries utilize nitrogen generators to package their products.


Nitrogen Gas Generators for Cheese Packaging. There are a few methods for flushing the cheese packaging and ensuring the quality and freshness are maintained. Nitrogen and CO2 are used in this procedure, also known as MAP Packaging. MAP refers to the process of combining CO2 with nitrogen gas (Modified Atmosphere Packaging).


Nitrogen gas generators for chips and snack packaging are a method of removing oxygen from a package before sealing it. The snack food’s flavor, color, and texture are all preserved while its shelf life is extended thanks to the use of nitrogen.


Nitrogen Generators for coffee packaging are essential if you want to extend their shelf life and keep their freshness; this is the only way to guarantee the stabilization of gases, creating longer-lasting freshness for the end user.


Nitrogen Generators for Electronics manufacturing. One of the essential factors in the soldering process is the presence of only pure nitrogen. The soldering procedure requires the use of nitrogen. Using soldering ovens without nitrogen gas exposes solder junctions to oxidation.


Food Grade Nitrogen Generators. Most regulations define Food Grade Nitrogen Generators as systems that produce 99 percent or more nitrogen gas or 1 percent or less residual oxygen.


Nitrogen Generators are for food packaging. MAP and gas flushing are just a few of the ways they’re used in the food industry to increase the shelf life of their products. Adding nitrogen gas to food packaging and gas flushing preserves its flavor, color, and freshness. A fraction of the price of delivered nitrogen is saved by using a nitrogen generator.


Nitrogen Generator for Heat Treating. The nitrogen-based environment necessary for processing a range of metals with heat treatment can vary depending on the surfaces you are working on, the type of furnace you have in place, and the metals you want to deal with.


Industrial Nitrogen Generators are constructed to operate in a variety of situations. To avoid corrosive conditions, specific units must be made of stainless steel. Others require explosion-proof designs in dangerous environments. In the mining business, containerized systems are also widely used.



Nitrogen Generators for laboratories. The laboratory must be clean, stable, and well-maintained for GCMS (gas chromatography/mass spectrometry). You can use either nitrogen or hydrogen as a carrier gas for your GC or GCMS, depending on what and why you’re doing it.


Nitrogen Generators for Laser Cutting provide high-pressure assist gas for cutting metals, including aluminum and aluminum alloys, along with stainless steel and mild steel.


Nitrogen Generators for Metal 3D printing and additive manufacturing. An inert environment can be created. Nitrogen replaces oxygen, preventing unwanted chemical reactions and thermal deformations in the material.


Nitrogen generators for pet food packaging keep our pet’s food and treats fresh, tasty, colorful, and textured. Nitrogen flushing is the process of removing the remaining oxygen and moisture from the bag.


Nitrogen Generators for Pharmaceutical packaging. In the pharmaceutical industry, nitrogen is the most commonly used gas since it provides a clean and sterile environment while also controlling the oxygen levels in the packaging.


Nitrogen Generators for plastic injection molding. As a propellant, nitrogen is employed in the process to prevent the resin from taking up moisture. Generally speaking, molding machines require pressures in the range of 150 to 175 PSI to operate. Nitrogen for Gas Assist Injection Molding and Film Extrusion is another name for this procedure.


Nitrogen generators for Popcorn packaging are used to displace the oxygen in the package before it is sealed. Using nitrogen will extend the product’s shelf life and preserve the taste, color, and texture of the flavored popcorn.


Nitrogen Generators for reflow soldering are used to reduce oxidation and dross build-up. Our generators are used by some of the largest consumer electronics manufacturers in the world.


Nitrogen Generators for salad condiment packaging. A variety of salad condiments are packaged with the use of nitrogen generators for the packing of the raw ingredients. These goods are usually packaged in nitrogen using a vertical bagging machine.


Nitrogen generators for salad packaging. Using nitrogen generators for salad packaging extends the shelf life and preserves the freshness of lettuce and salad mixes. A nitrogen gas flush is used to inflate the bag of salad immediately before it is poured into a package during the packing process.


Nitrogen Generators for selective soldering are used to inert the chamber where the soldering process is conducted. It reduces the dross that builds up when not using nitrogen and gives a corrosion-free solder joint.


Nitrogen Generators for Semiconductor Manufacturing have gained popularity due to the widespread usage of nitrogen in purging systems. To clean process chambers, vacuum systems, waste abatement systems, and piping in semiconductor factories, enormous amounts of nitrogen gas are used extensively.


Nitrogen Generators for Snack food packaging are used to remove oxygen from the package before it seals. Nitrogen retains the snack food’s flavor, color, and texture while extending its shelf life.


Nitrogen Generators for Vacuum Furnace. Nitrogen is the most often used backfill gas in vacuum heat treatment. Rarely ever is it recovered or recycled. Typically, this is because nitrogen is very affordable compared to other gases. It usually is nonreactive with numerous substances. Also employed as a partial pressure gas is nitrogen. It has also been demonstrated to reduce heat-up time in convection heating under positive pressure.


Nitrogen Generators for Wave Soldering are used to inert the environment where the soldering occurs. This reduces corrosion and dross build-up. The average nitrogen generator purity requirement for wave soldering is usually much lower than reflow and selective.


Nitrogen Generators for Wine Bottling. Nitrogen sparging is the technique used by wineries and other winemakers to ensure that each batch and bottle of wine retains its intended freshness and flavor, depending on its type.

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