Nitrogen Gas Generator for Autoclaves


Nitrogen Generators are used in autoclaves to provide an inert atmosphere. This is important in an autoclave due to the heat and pressures involved. Nitrogen not only provides greater control of the atmosphere but also the regulation of heat. Using dry nitrogen to pressurize the autoclaves eliminates the presence of air, moisture, and other potential contaminants found in pressurized air. The use of nitrogen also reduces the likelihood of combustion due to its inert nature.


Parts are often baked in an autoclave in a combination of vacuum, pressure, and heat. This ensures that the parts built with layers of composite materials all successfully bond together. This is extremely important in the aerospace industry where parts need to not only be extremely strong but also lightweight.


Nitrogen generators for autoclaves are a cost-effective solution to reduce the cost of operation. Care needs to be taking when sizing a system due to the large peaks in usage. Autoclaves need large amounts of gas in a short period of time. Nitrogen generators should be sized with large buffer vessels and booster compressors. The advantage of generating and storing the gas at higher pressures is to maximize the available storage.


We can provide a no-cost audit of your plant’s current usage and process. This will include a complete system proposal and a return on investment calculation. The average payback on a nitrogen generator for autoclaves is around 14 to 16 months.

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Nitrogen Gas Generator for Autoclaves
Nitrogen Gas Generator for Autoclaves

Autoclaves Supplied by a Nitrogen Generator

Autoclaves Supplied by a Nitrogen Generator

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