Nitrogen Gas Generator For Packaging Salad and Lettuce Mixes






How is a Nitrogen Gas Generator used for packaging Salad and Lettuce Mixes?

Nitrogen gas generators are used for packaging salad and lettuce mixes to extend the shelf life and preserve the freshness of the salad. Salad bags are opened during the packaging process, and nitrogen gas is flushed into the bag just before the salad is dispensed into the package. The bag is then sealed, locking in the nitrogen and preserving the salad mix. This whole process is done automatically by the packaging machine. Customers that use nitrogen for packaging salad can see their shelf life double or triple.

What is the purity of nitrogen used for packaging lettuce?

Typically, food-grade nitrogen is 99% to 99.5%. We see most of our customers use 99.5% nitrogen to flush and package their lettuce and salad mix. We can design any size system to meet your flow and purity requirements. Not only do we have extensive knowledge of the food packaging industry, but specifically lettuce and salad packaging and condiment kits.

What are the savings with a nitrogen generator?  

The cost to generate your nitrogen on-site is typically 1/10th the cost of delivered nitrogen. Our nitrogen generators have an average payback of one year. One thing is sure when it comes to Packaging Salad: those who switch to on-site nitrogen generation for Salad and Lettuce packaging will save tens of thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands each year.

How do you start generating nitrogen? 

If you have not started using nitrogen gas for salad packaging or you have been for years, please get in touch with us at Gas Generation Solutions so we introduce you to the world of nitrogen gas generation. We work with all the big and small packaging machine manufacturers. We can help determine your flow rate, system cost and calculate the payback. On average, we can reduce your costs by 80% to 90% compared to delivered nitrogen. Call or email us today to discuss how we can help.

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Nitrogen Gas Generator For Packaging Salad and Lettuce Mixes

Nitrogen Gas Generator For Packaging Salad and Lettuce Mixes

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