Nitrogen Gas Generator For Metal 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing






How is a Nitrogen Generator used for Metal 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing?

Nitrogen gas generators are used in Metal 3D printing and additive manufacturing to create an inert environment. The nitrogen displaces the oxygen, which helps avoid undesirable chemical reactions and thermal deformations. Some of the dust that is created by Metal 3D printing is combustible. Removing most of the oxygen also ensures a safe manufacturing environment. Some other benefits to using nitrogen for Metal 3D printing are reduction of oxidation of the powdered metal. The oxidation can lead to clumping of the powder feed system and reduce the amount of powder that can be recycled.

Why use a nitrogen generator for 3D printing?

Our Nitrogen Gas Generators will produce the gas on demand for a fraction of the cost of delivered or bulk nitrogen. This system can also feed the post-processing equipment. Heat treating or sintering furnaces are commonly used to treat parts after being 3D printed. Nitrogen gas generators for sintering furnaces and heat treating are very common in Metal 3D printing facilities. One generator can feed the entire plant or individual pieces of equipment.

How do I tell how much nitrogen my Metal 3D printer is using?

If you wonder how much nitrogen your Metal 3D printer uses, we can help in a couple of different ways. This link will take you to a list of the most common Metal 3D printers and their nitrogen gas flow rates and requirements. We can also help if you have several printers or ones, not on the list. We offer free nitrogen gas flowmeters that you can borrow and use to measure how much nitrogen your Metal 3D printer is using.

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Nitrogen Gas Generator For 3D Systems Metal 3D Printer

Nitrogen Gas Generator For EOS Metal 3D Printer

Sample Metal 3D Printed Parts Using Nitrogen Gas

Nitrogen Gas Generator For Metal 3D Printing

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