Nitrogen Gas Flow Rates, Purity, and Pressure Requirements for Miscellaneous Soldering Equipment. 


Below please find the nitrogen pressure, flow, and purity requirements for the following miscellaneous solder manufacture. 

Nordson Select ACE / KISS Debridging Station, Lead Tinning System, Solder Pot, Fluxing and Preheating, JUKI Selective Stamp Soldering, SEHO PowerRepair.  

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Miscellaneous Solder Equipment

Manufacture Model NumberTypeNitrogen Flow RateNoteNitrogen PressurePuritySavings per year 1 shift
Nordson Select ACE KISS
ACEKNAK-1Debridging Nitrogen Jet50 SCFH$14,616
ACELTS100Lead Tinning System75 SCFH99.99+$14,616
ACELTS200Lead Tinning System150 SCFH99.99+$15,797
ACELTS300Lead Tinning System300 SCFH99.99+$17,678
ACEMLTSManual Lead Tinning Station25 / 50 SCFH$14,616
ACEKSPA-LSolder Pot15-50 SCFH60-70 PSI$14,616
ACEKSPA-TSolder Pot15-50 SCFH60-70 PSI$14,616
ACEKSPA-HMPSolder Pot15-50 SCFH60-70 PSI$14,616
ACELTSPA-LSolder Pot150-200 SCFH60-70 PSI$16,435
ACELTSPA-TSolder Pot150-200 SCFH60-70 PSI$16,435
ACELTSPA-HMPSolder Pot150-200 SCFH60-70 PSI$16,435
ACEKFPHIL-101Fluxing and Preheating Systems5-50 SCFH60-70 PSI$14,616
ACEKFPHIL-102Fluxing and Preheating Systems5-50 SCFH60-70 PSI$14,616
ACEKFPHIL-103Fluxing and Preheating Systems5-50 SCFH60-70 PSI$14,616
ACEKFPHIL-105Fluxing and Preheating Systems5-50 SCFH60-70 PSI$14,616
JUKIFlexSolder S3532Selective Stamp Soldering
SEHOPowerRepairSelective Repair Soldering System6 m3/h6 bar
Nordson Select ACE Kiss, JUKI, SEHO Miscellaneous Solder Equipment.

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