Nitrogen Gas Generators For Semiconductor Silicon Wafer Manufacturing and Production






How is a Nitrogen Generator used for semiconductor and silicon wafer manufacturing?

The four most significant usages are Purging, Flushing, Deposition, and constant feed.

The surprising fact is that nitrogen is not used very much as an actual process gas in the fabricating of semiconductors. However, it is considered the essential gas used. This is in terms of the volume of nitrogen, the number of different applications, and the dollars spent per year to purchase. This is because nitrogen is used mainly as a purge gas. Semiconductor manufacturers use large volumes of nitrogen gas to purge process chambers, vacuum systems, waste abatement systems, and piping. Nitrogen generators are an ideal solution for all of the applications where the gas is required to manufacture semiconductors and silicon wafers. Our generators can produce large volumes of high purity gas at a low cost compared to delivered nitrogen.  

Nitrogen Generators are the ideal alternative for companies looking to reduce their operation cost and are not on the underground pipeline. High purity nitrogen generators can have an average payback of 12 to 14 months. These systems have a typical lifespan of 15 to 20 years.

What is the nitrogen pipeline?

There are underground nitrogen pipelines that feed the majority of the more prominent semiconductor manufacturers in the US. One of these pipelines runs under Silicon Valley and delivers low-cost, high purity nitrogen to anyone who pays the connection fee, plus a low cost per CCF used. The average charge to connect to the pipeline and start service is $50,000. The company is then billed monthly based on the amount of nitrogen you consume.

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Nitrogen Generator For Semiconductor and Silicon Wafer Manufacturing

Nitrogen Generator For Semiconductor and Silicon Wafer Manufacturing

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