Nitrogen Generators For Wave Soldering






Nitrogen Gas Generators for wave soldering offer a very quick payback compared to bulk nitrogen. Our company has installed hundreds of nitrogen generators for electronics manufacturing. We have experience with units made by Kurtz Ersa, Vitronics, JUKI, Electrovert, SEHO, Alpha 1, DDM Novastar, and more.

What purity of nitrogen do I need for wave soldering?

The average nitrogen generator purity requirement for wave soldering is usually much lower than reflow and selective. We have seen purities range from 99% to 99.99% depending on the manufacturer. We offer a reliable endless supply of pure nitrogen with an average payback of 12 to 14 months. With systems running over 20 years we are the company the gas supplier does not want you to know about.

What about turn key nitrogen generators for electronics?

Our company also offers complete turnkey systems. This can include feed air compressors, nitrogen filling stations, storage tanks, and more.

How much Nitrogen does my wave solder use?

If you have ever wondered how much nitrogen your wave solder requires, click the link below or call us today. We offer free nitrogen gas flow meters to measure your demand. Nitrogen Gas Flow Meters Free Rental

Nitrogen Generator for Wave Soldering

Nitrogen Generator feeding large reflow oven.

Nitrogen Generator for electronics manufacturing. 

Nitrogen Generator Feeding Reflow Ovens





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Looking for the nitrogen requirements for your equipment? Check our quick links below.  We have listed the purity and flow for some of the top Selective Solder, Wave Solder, and Reflow Solder Equipment. 

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Nitrogen Generator for wave soldering